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Could added HGH in our foods help with the increase in penis size?

HGH helps us grow all the way until our early 20’s. Added HGH in animal’s foods helps them grow.
I watched MANswers the other day and they said since there has been added HGH in foods these days the average breast size is a C cup for women and the average cup size was a B cup decades ago. Could added HGH in foods help with the increase in penis size? just wondering.

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4 Responses to Could added HGH in our foods help with the increase in penis size?

  • nope hgh is a steroid it shrinks your balls

  • nope. nothing helps permanently. try sex toys that you put over the penis to make it fell thicker which is more important than length. and in order for you to feel longer try different positions during sex.

  • the breast size probably has more to do with better quality foods and breeding than HGH.

  • How big you will get depends on testosterone levels. The higher the more it grows. For example. Boys with micropenia (very small penis) are treated by putting testosterone cream on the penis or by injections. Do not do this without a doctor. The best thing is to eat healthy. Fruit and veggies. Pumpkin seed and Pistachios as well as other things raise testosterone levels.
    Easy on the sweets. No smoking! How big you get pepends on how big your father and your mothers father is. That is the genetics that controls how high your testosterone level will get

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