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I want to enlarge and to make strong my penis naturally. I dont want to take any medicine, pls suggest me food

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8 Responses to I want to enlarge and to make strong my penis naturally. I dont want to take any medicine, pls suggest me food

  • Lift penis weights. These start at 4-oz mini-dumb-bells and go up to 15oz. Then graduate to wet towels. In time, you too will have a powerhouse penis.

  • Not possible, work on your self esteem and be happy with your penis.

  • Although the previous answer was humorous, there is nothing much you can do about genetics. Whatever you have is just fine. The average penis size is 5 to 6.5 inches anyway. There are plenty of men out there who are normal and you are probably one of them.

    If you are concerned about pleasing your partner (if you are old enough to partake), technique is way more important than size. If you are that concerned, speak to your doctor. All you say to your doctor is confidential by federal law unless you are clearly in danger.

    Talk to a professional. You are more than likely just as normal as everyone else.

  • Be happy with what you have.

  • There are many ways to get the results that you want.First cut down the salt and the sugar. Then you have to cut out or down the caffeine. Eat more healthier foods. No junk foods, very little fast foods. Exercise More often and regular. this will make a big difference.

  • Come on now, if there was a food that could make a penis bigger don’t you think the whole world would know about it by now. Every third commercial on TV would be for it. You would see it on billboards all over town. Men would eat as much of it as they could get. Most of all it would be extremely expensive because everyone would want it.

    I’m sorry to disappoint the person who posted above me but salt and diet have nothing to do with penis size. I don’t want you to read that and get your hopes up but not see any results. That person is misinformed. Other than surgery the only thing you can really do is learn to love what you have.

  • how about buying a magnifying glass? If you are not needle dick the bug humper, what are you worried about?

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