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What are the safest medically proven ways to increase penis size?

I’ve been doing some research on this. Every ad I run across put the ad I’ve read the moment before. I.E. I read an ad about penis size enhancing pills that are proven to work; however, the next ad I read said not to take the risks with pills that ruin your life and try the penis stretcher or something. I do not know who to trust or what to go with. What is the cheapest, most effective way without taking pills or surgery?

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6 Responses to What are the safest medically proven ways to increase penis size?

  • This is the only one safest and working Penis Enlargement system

  • Do some research on penis exercises that you may try. I have heard that they are the safest way because you are training the muscles to hold more blood, which is vital to keeping an erection and I think the book is only 45 bucks. To me that is the cheapest/safest way to enhance and most testimonials say 1-4 inches in growth and can be achieved with as little as a few months.

  • none really

  • There are no safe methods to increase penis size. No pill or solution will work. No exercise can work either and may cause problems such as damage to the tissue of the penis causing impotence. The penis is like any other part of your body. You can not take something that changes it, otherwise we would all be 10 feet tall with huge muscles and genitals. Those drugs or technology just does not exist. Even results from plastic surgery are massively overrated and only a small proportion of people have said they are completely happy with the final results therefore most people who go under the knife are repeat patients. This is more so with genital reconstruction or enhancements.

  • Nothing permenant really. You can use a penis pump. Either manual or vacuum. They both work pretty well. They just suck the blood to the penis tisue making it harder and slightly longer.

  • In my opinion, penis is a part of body and you can make it bigger with exercises like another parts. Penis exercises is a natural and safest way to enlarge your penis. Here is a good articles about penis exercises. I think, it’s useful for you.

    Have fun!

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